„Data, oil of the 21st century!“

(Big) Data needs smart ways of handling & analytics

All over the private to public sector, companies and institutions are challenged with huge amounts of (raw) data. Data arises everywhere – from surveys or official side, during the production process or even from live-tacking technique on the football pitch. Data include information – the challenge is to derive answers and to trasfer advanced information to practical process.

Data can give you an edge!

WUEconomics Institute aims to transofrm data to ‘quality information’, that can give companies or clubs an edge / competitive advantage.

If you can`t outspend your opponents, you have to outthink them!

The Institute offers (regional) economic(etr)ic analysis. Projects on the micro-level are less biased due to overlaps and offer clearer insights and information about actual developments, trends and interactions. WUEconomics projects are empirically focused and quantitative or survey based.

Projects have already been done with professional sports clubs and private companies.

Surveys and Consulting

WUEconomics develops, coordinates and analysis project based surveys for companies, institutions and sports industry. Information and quality data can be used to support and follow strategic questions and challenges.