great to have you here. I'm Lukas and I'd like to give you insights on digital change, current trends and technologies. To show the importance of innovation and lifelong learning.

Think outside the box!
Digital Change is fast and disruptive. Economy and society run through massive and rapid digital change. New technologies, robots, data and algorithms are the basis for future business models, products and services. Speed, complexity and interdisciplinarity shape the working environment of tomorrow. Change leads to defensive and fearful reactions of individuals and organizations – but this is of course the wrong strategy. Tradition is not a business model. The ones who are not willing to change will be “kodaked” out!

Individuals and organizations have to understand that innovation and lifelong learning are key to a positive and successful future.

"I want to make a contribution towards such an open, curious  and innovative mindset."

Enjoy the Campus journey!
Outside the Box Campus
Campus provides outside the box information and explanations for current developments and trends. The multimedia content is extracted form recorded discussions with experts from different academic disciplines and clustered in seven pillars: CHANGE - FUTURE WORK - FUTURE OF INDUSTRY - TECHNOLOGIES - GLOBAL TRENDS - EDUCTION - INNOVATION
The main goal is to create curiosity for new trends and developments, foster lifelong learning and technology acceptance.

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