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Lukas is lecturing at the University of Wuerzburg, at the chairs of statistics and econometrics and business journalism and communication. As main occupation, Lukas is working at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Wuerzburg as head of the department of vocational education. Lukas is a passionate economist with a keen interest for applied data analytics & media projects, teaching, speaking and knowledge transfer.
Dr. Lukas Kagerbauer founded WUEconomics Institute in 2016, together with a group of friends and colleagues. The name “WUEconomics” is a hybrid of the home town name Wuerzburg and Economics. WUEconomics has a focus on knowledge transfer, academia-business networks and applied interdisciplinary projects in the field of data science.
Keynotes & Lectures
My keynotes and lectures focus on digital change, the implications for organizations and employees and the importance of education, lifelong learning and innovation.

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